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Marketing Budget Calculator

Estimate your budget for Influencer Marketing and improve your campaign ROI.

Instagram Calculator

Analyze Instagram Accounts for Fake Followers, Engagement Rates, Earning Evaluation.

Youtube Money Calculator

Get report on How Much Money Youtubers Make. Free Youtube Money Calculator.

Youtube Live Subscriber Count

See How many Subscribers have youtube bloggers. Live YT Subscribers Count.

Instagram Audit

Analyze Instagram Influencers and see their real statistics, engagement and grade as an estimation.

Instagram Hashtag Generator

The best Hashtag Generator for Instagram, Youtube, Twitch. Similar Hashtags, Popular Hashtags, Top Hashtags. Free Hashtag Tool.

Tik Tok Money Calculator

Know How Much you can earn on Tik Tok. See How Much Money Top Tik Tok Bloggers make.

Twitch Calculator

How Much Money You can Earn on Twitch. See How Much Money Streamers Make on Twitch.

Influencer Marketing Tools

Influencer Marketing is becoming more and more relevant today reaching 9B market capitalization by 2019. 8 out 10 Companies are implementing Influencer Marketing for their business needs and allocate budget resources for operations on Social Media. However, there is a big challenge today: how to calculate an Influencer Marketing ROI, ROAS and how to get better insight on the marketing performance.

Influencer Marketing Calculator

If you are planning to start an Influencer marketing campaign but you don’t have much experience to estimate ROI and campaign performance, you can find a lot of useful and free digital marketing tools on IgFace. Our team has collected special tools that focus on the influencer niche and provide reports for native advertisements on social media. Our Influencer Marketing Calculators process data and provide reliable insights for your business goals.

Free Influencer Marketing Tools

IgFace proudly shares its analytic instruments with other business communities in order to help target and tune advertising campaigns on Social Media. Our Tools are 100% Free and we will gladly provide support and assistance for our services.

How to Calculate Instagram Budgets

We provide free instagram marketing calculator along with other instagram marketing services and our powerful analytics provide insight for your marketing efforts on Instagram. We are focusing on native ads to help you understand and predict ROI and Engagement from native ads campaigns on Instagram.

How to Calculate Youtube Marketing

Native Advertisements on Youtube can be quite a challenge in 2019. But it is an important media channel for your marketing. Up to 2 Billion users can potentially see your video product placement on the popular YT channels. However there is a huge risk to lose money working with Youtube bloggers. This is the reason why we have developed the Youtube Money Calculator and other powerful influencer marketing tools that help you get a better expertise working with native ads.

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