YouTube Money Calculator: Estimate How Much You Can Earn

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If you are willing to calculate your estimated income from a YouTube clip or your own channel the easiest way possible, you can resort to this efficient tool which accounts for your video view count, audience engagement, and more important features.

YouTube Money Calculator Used the Right Way

  • Check your daily views for your videos and pull the YouTube View Count slider up or down accordingly
  • Study your channel in terms of historical performance and adjust your Expected Click-Through Rate
  • Read the estimated data to know how your videos will pay off during a day, week, or year

The software algorithm calculates your income and shows the results before Youtube deduces its fee. Commonly, YouTube does not reveal its share received from advertising. However, we all currently know Google to take 45% of all advertising revenue on YouTube. Therefore, you get 55% of all money paid by advertising customers. If all users watched the video advert and the ad provider pays $7.60 CPM, you might get $4.18 per 1,000 views (55%x$7.60) from advertising on your video clips available on your channel.

4 Components Determining Your Possible Earnings on YouTube

  • CPC vs. CPM
  • Projected Income per Subscriber
  • Projected Gross Income per 1,000 Views
  • Projected Variance Depending on Audience Engagement

Though internet marketing is extremely important for businesses, some time was necessary for them to adapt and take full advantage of it. Currently, companies allocate huge money to spend it on internet ads, using platforms like Google Adsense in particular. Even though Google deducts a good part of overall income for using its capabilities, the other part is credited to those site owners who embed Adsense adverts into their internet resources.

According to the virtual assistant Amazon Alexa, the Google platform is the largest website and YouTube is the second largest website (since April 2016) on the net. Therefore, it goes without saying that YouTube is by all means crucial to the Google Company because of the income brought to it by AdSense. Do not forget, however, that YouTube is Google’s branch as well, and that doubles its significance in internet marketing. Consequently, AdSense on YouTube operates in compliance with the rules which differ from AdSense policy on other sites working with videos.

Follow These Steps to Take Advantage of Your Video Monetization

If you want to make some income on YouTube, it will not work just to upload a video onto the platform, post it, and wait. In fact, even in case you are lucky enough and your video goes viral, it will not help you to raise funds just like this. You will have to make some effort. Before the platform lets you monetize your video products, it is necessary for you to take several steps like these.

  • Set up your personal account to initiate monetization — all it takes is tick a relevant box in your YouTube personal area, as well as agree to the YouTube terms and conditions on monetization
  • Link your AdSense account and your YouTube channel— there are two options here: either you set up a new AdSense account or link both your YouTube channel and the AdSense account of yours that already exists
  • Check YouTube criteria for videos and learn what possible formats are available for adverts — the platform allows users to monetize exclusively “advertiser-friendly” videos which show no nudity or violence. In addition, users have to agree that their video products do not infringe any copyright laws (e.g. background music in the video clip). At this step, you will also have to select the types of adverts you want to be displayed like overlay videos, skippable video ads, ads shown throughout your entire video clip, etc.
  • You can select one particular video or many video clips from your library to be monetized.t

If you have completed all the steps mentioned above, YouTube will review your account for compliance with its terms and conditions. If everything is OK, you are good to go and monetize your videos. So, do not waste time! Make some videos and promote them. Mind that decent revenues come only when your video library contains a large number of well-promoted videos.

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