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Get Free and Real YouTube Comments

Try to Reply to All Current Comments

The best way to get the engagement you need for your YouTube channel is through your subscribers. Your dedicated subscribers usually leave something for you after your video. Try to make sure to answer all their comments with original and authentic words. These replies remind your subscribers of your connection with them. However, as your YouTube channel continues to grow, it might be harder to comment on all their posts; in this case, you may “heart” react to their posts instead.

Make Sure You Pin Your Comment to Your Video to Get Free Comments

Make sure to pin your post for your Youtube channel. This comment can provide a call-to-action for your subscribers to make your engagements more interactive. You can also offer your critical points for specific subjects to get the conversation going.

Prevent advertising other companies through your pinned comment. Your pinned comment is to encourage your subscribers to interact with you after watching your video.

Interact with Other YouTubers to Get Free Comments

Always remind yourself to comment on other YouTubers as well, This helps you get a lot of free comments. Exciting and interactive comments can encourage future viewers to check out your channel.

Prevent advertising your Youtube channel on others’ comment section. This behavior might force the YouTuber to block you from their channel and create an internal conflict between you two. If you want to share your video, you can say, “I also created a video just like this one.”

Showcase Significant Comments on Your Next Video

Consider showcasing significant comments on your next YouTube video as well. These showcased comments encourage your viewers to interact with you through your video’s comment section. If you advise your viewers, you can prompt them to post their questions in your comment section through your current video.

For Free YouTube Comments Create A Call To Action In Your Video

Free Instagram Likes Remind yourself to always provide a call-to-action for all your YouTube videos. You can showcase answer these questions in your next video. These prompts encourage more engagement from your subscribers to interact with each other in your comment section. Try prompting them to share their experiences in the comment section and not forget to reply to their experiences. These prompts can also be questions they can ask you about the subject.

Real Free YouTube Comments with IgFace

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Try to achieve natural interactions with real followers. By putting more effort into this endeavor, you will get maximum openness in the long run.

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