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The IgFace Youtube Live Subs Counter is a simple tool created to help track the rate of Subscribers on a Youtube channel. This instrument will be useful for any Youtube Creator to check the popularity of a Youtube channel and improve their accounts. Youtube Subscribers are an essential metric for any Youtube account, since it is the major factor that determines quality and fame of a creators content. There is no doubt about it that Youtube channels comparisons are based essentially on the number of Subscribers. Our Youtube Live Subs Counter allows any owner of a channel on Youtube to follow closely on the status of the subscribers rate in real time.

When speaking about YouTube, we would like to point out that the best video hosting social platform is introducing a major change to the way subscriber counts are displayed, and this update can prevent third-party services from displaying the accurate real time Youtube metrics. The way this new implementation works is that instead of showing a YouTuber’s exact subscriber count (as an example 5,500), users will see a flat 5,000. This doesn’t seem as a dramatic change in the functionality of Youtube, but this update will affect the work and lifestyle of every Youtube creator. There are a few rumours why this new feature is implemented and it is suggested that the live subs counters are used to increase competition between Youtube creators. YouTube reports that the new subscriber count display will become active beginning in August of 2019.

As you already know, the industry of Youtube creators depends entirely on it’s massive audience and Subscribers determine the popularity and value of any Youtube channel. Not only does the Subscribers count play an important role in the Youtube creator’s competition, it affects the monetization of Youtube channels and the prospects of partnership for opinion leaders. Many companies and brands study the metrics of a Youtube channel before deciding on partnering or starting a promotional campaign with the influencer. The lack of precise and credible data on live subscribers counts will have an impact on many advertisers who look forward to market a product or brand on Youtube. The new Instagram update will not only impair marketers to plan an effective advertising campaign, but will also leave many Youtubers without the prospect of signing a valuable partnership deal.

This new feature is already implemented on some Youtube channels, but is estimated that the updated Subscribers display will be added to every account on the platform. This means that many third party services that provide analytical data about Youtube channels will not be able to provide precise and consistent metrics as they did before the update. This is where the IgFace Youtube Live Subs Counter comes in. Our tool has been exclusively developed to provide the most accurate real time data from Youtube. The Live Subs Counter is ideal for any user who owns a Youtube channel or to advertisers who plan running a marketing campaign on Youtube. Check out the IgFace Youtube Live Subs Counter today a get the most out of your Youtube channel!

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