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How Instagram Algorithm Works and How To Build Your Marketing Strategy


As you probably know, all search engines, whether it is Google, Craiglist, Bing or Youtube have their own search engines. So does Instagram with its own complex discovery and search results algorithm. For instance, sometimes a photo without a hashtag performs better and gains more traction than a photo with a hashtag. And vice versa, an Instagram content with hashtags gets more views than the same content without them. So, how does the Instagram algorithm actually work and how does it range content in your feed? IgFace will help you find out the answer.

How does the New Instagram Algorithm Work?

The new Instagram Algorithm sets up the particular order of posts in your feed and your friends feeds. The main idea behind this engine is to push the most relevant Instagram content higher than the content that is not relevant to your preferences. Of course, there are some laws that determine which content is relevant and the engine estimates this relevance according to your friends list, preferences, location, hashtags, bio description, etc.

Instagram search and discovery algorithm is constantly changing, however there are 3 fundamental ideas that you must consider:

Instagram User Relationships and Instagram Friend Circle

Instagram is primarily showing content from users that you are following or have liked before. It is important that this type of content has 20 times more chances to show up in your feed instead of any content outside you friend/likes circle.

  1. Similar posts on Instagram

This is another important factor that relies on the content you follow, like, discover and view. Every content has its own hashtags, description, geo location, hashtags, etc. In most cases people tend to like the same content and Instagram will show them similar posts.

  1. Recent Instagram posts have more authority than the old ones

Yes, chronological posts are not as powerful as used to be previously on Instagram but timeline still matters. The most recent posts have 3-4 times more possibility to get on the top of a feed compared to old posts.

As long as you manage your instagram strategy with relying on these 3 key factors you can boost your content above your competitors posts. Let us review how you should build your strategy on Instagram.

Work on Relevance and Relationship on Instagram

Instagram is now more about engagement than ever before. So, if you have one post with outstanding engagement above 15% then your content is more valuable than 100 posts with 0% engagement. This means you have to build a loyal audience that returns to your account and likes you new content and shares it with their friend circle.

There are 3 ways to increase engagement on instagram:

Ask your friends and users from the discovery section to leave a feedback below your posts. Enable user generated content and tag the creator. This type of content will bring more comments, likes and tags. There is a list of engagement content, such as: instagram user tags, contests, giveaways, ask-to-comment, tag-a-friend, etc.

Use Instagram Stories to Buzz Your content

Instagram stories are strong as never before. This is a perfect tool to reach your audience and show them what is happening to you or your brand. Since 2019 Instagram stories have become even better and now you can use many tools: polls, questions, tags, etc to bring more interaction with audience.

Comment content from other users

It is very important to comment posts from other instagram users. First of all, you get more exposure showing your account in the feed of other users and second, you enable Instagram preferences to tune the content relevance.

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