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How to increase your popularity on Twitter


Hello! Today we want to tell you some tricks you can use to increase your popularity on Twitter. Recently, Twitter revealed its algorithm to the world. We spent all evening analyzing this algorithm and now want to share with you what we found. These tips can help you boost your popularity.

First of all, let's discuss likes, retweets and replies. Which of these is more important? Based on the algorithm that Twitter has made public, we can say with certainty that likes will bring much more value than retweets or replies, up to x30 boost per like. When retweets and replies bring in x20 and x1 respectively. So if you want to increase your audience, you need to focus on likes and retweets. You can see the Twitter algorithm for likes, retweets and replies in the image below.


Now consider what kind of boost video and images can give us. After all, we can see them in virtually every post on Twitter. Based on the algorithm, we can see that each video and image helps us to promote the posts, because each video or image gives you x2 to boost. This means that Twitter supports users who will make posts with videos or images. In the image below, you can see a confirmation of our words in the algorithm code that was recently revealed.


Well, it's time to talk about links; there's no clear-cut good or bad here. Because Twitter's algorithm is designed to mark all third-party links as spam, which will hurt your promotion, but if you have enough engagement, your links will not be marked as spam. That's why we don't recommend using links leading to third-party resources in your Twitter posts, at least until your account is warmed up. We also attach an image of what it looks like in Twitter's algorithm.


After the links, we realized that not everything can help promotion, some actions can also worsen your engagement, now consider in more detail all the actions that can worsen your promotion. First of all mutes, unfollows and blocks, these actions will decrease your engagement, as well as spam reports or abuse reports. All of these actions will only lead to a loss of your engagement.

Well now let's take a look at how a Twitter Blue subscription works. After all, if we pay for it, it follows that it must bring good engagement. In general, Twitter Blue makes a big difference in boosting your engagement. We can get a healthy boost, and the numbers can range from x2 to x100.


Unfortunately, there is a mechanism in the Twitter algorithm where topics that are included in this mechanism are undervalued and therefore the engagement on them is low. For example, one of such topics is posts about Ukraine, and precisely because of this mechanism, most users do not see the truth about what is happening in Ukraine now. When choosing a topic for your account, pay attention to whether your topic is not included in the Twitter engagement reduction mechanism.


Another feature of Twitter's algorithm that we noticed is grouping. The algorithm puts your profile into a group with profiles similar in theme to yours. This is done to increase the reach of your tweets to other people who are interested in your topic.But it should be noted that if you make publications that are not relevant to your niche, that you will get the so-called "OutNetworkReplyPenalty", so it is very important to respect the topic that you have chosen for your profile.



It is very important to watch the purity of speech. You should not make grammatical mistakes in words or make up words at all, because in the Twitter algorithm these words (with mistakes or made-up words) will be defined as "unknowable language" and receive only 0.01, which is a huge penalty.


Well, let's summarize. For good engagement, you need to remember that likes and retweets are much more important than replies, that every action you take can make your engagement worse, so try to make quality content to avoid unfollows and no spam\abuse reports on you. Keep your speech clean, write grammatically and in a language everyone knows. Choose your profile topic wisely.


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